Meadowlark is currently home to two riding instructors and trainers, Kay Schlemmer and Emily Jenkins.

Kay Schlemmer
teaches horseback riding lessons to all ages and skill levels. She specializes in dressage based english lessons, but also teaches basic western pleasure and horsemanship, jumping, and trail riding. Horseback riding teaches confidence, balance, and partnership to both children and adults.

Kay strives to give students a well rounded horseback education that involves learning both on and off the horse. Students will learn to brush, tack and handle their mount. Students interested in future horse ownership will have the opportunity to learn horse medical triage, longeing, natural horsemanship, and other horse maintenance that is often not covered in tradition lessons. Kay believes that all forms of horseback riding are based on a solid foundation of time honored techniques and a passion for horses.


Emily Jenkins has been working with horses for more than 20 years. Her background and passion is French classical dressage, but she is an accomplished jumper and gives lessons in hunt seat, jumping, cross country, as well as classical dressage, western dressage, western pleasure and gymkhana. Emily's primary focus is the biomechanics of horse and rider, and she works with students individually to find and correct areas of tension and resistence in their relationship with their horses, whether physical, mental or emotional. She believes that horses and riders should be familiar with multiple disciplines to truly understand the nature of equestrian sport, and often encourages students to pursue multiple discplines, even if just for fun.

Students interested in learning to train horses can specifically request lessons that encompass equine psychology and ground/saddle work with green horses. Her program is all inclusive, and students learn to care for their mounts as if they were their own.

Emily also offers lessons for horse owners seeking a deeper connection with their horses, and will often guide these students in training their own horses, to attain a better understanding and relationship. For more information on Emily's teaching/training philosophies, please visit her website at:








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